Learn The Answers Of Most Asked Questions About Ningaloo Whale Shark Tours

The Ningaloo is the coast situated in the west of the Australia and is one of the designated heritage site as it is country’s largest coast. The meaning of the Ningaloo is actually deep water. It was given the designation of the world heritage in the year of the 2011 and the most popular tour of this coast is the Ningaloo whale shark tours which is continued from the month of March to June every year. In winter times, however the coast is full of humpback whales, dolphins as well as manta rays. Also there are unique turtles living on the beaches of this coast. This coast has abundance of sea and marine life which are native and unique to only this part, this is the reason it is such famous tourist site and people not only from different parts of the Australia come to visit but also from different parts of the world.

What should be your expectations from the Ningaloo whale shark tours?

There are many tour companies providing the Ningaloo whale shark tours and you could opt any one of these. Almost all of these have similar plans for the days with some modifications. Usually you are picked by the tour company from your hotel in an air conditioned vehicle since it is warm in Australia at that time of the year. It would take about 30 to 45 minutes and during this the guide will enlist interesting facts and history about the Ningaloo whale shark tours and also entertain the queries of the tourists.

Then when you are reached there, each tour company has their own boats that you will ride on and these will provide you the required kit as well as guide you about the safety precautions. After it is done, then the real adventure begins in which you go for the search of the whale sharks and other sea animals and then it depends on you whether you want to jump in the water and take a swim with the sea animals or you want to just see these. whatever you choose to do, the tour guides have it arranged.

Once the boat ride is over then it is anchored on the spectacular reef where the tourists will have a little leisure time and rest, have a cup of tea as well as some fresh baked snacks. The entire day is filed with such activities related to the marine life and ending with the lovely dinner and celebration.

Why should you not miss the Ningaloo whale shark tours?

The experiences that this tour offers are one of the kind and you will not have these at anywhere in the world, the swim with the whale sharks, fly over the migrating whales and then staying in an exquisite camp which are meters away from the reef.